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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Chaos Unlimited

That's how it feels right now. Just recently bought a house. We - my wife and I - take possession on May 15th. I start college (the second time around) on May 15th. Just recently got bumped to nights at work. Just today I found out that the place I work got sold.
Don't get me wrong! I'm not asking for pity. It's all good- except for that whole 3rd shift thing. It's just that it's all happening at once and it can all be overwhelming.
My first house. WOW! Things are finally working out. We get to make a controlled move, or that's what I call it, considering moves in the past. Makes me laugh just thinking about moves in the past. Of course, we look at the new house and immediately are saying, "What color for that room?" and "Let's knock out that wall and put in a bar" and "The kitchen needs to be bigger." Then we return to the planet and realize we HAVEN'T EVEN MOVED IN YET. Slow down already!
Going back to college. FINALLY!! Never thought it would happen. The first time around was...well, let's not talk about the first time around. Let's just say that everything happens for a reason and that my life would be very different if school had worked out then. And not necessarily good different. There are things I would change, but there are more things I wouldn't.
Like my marriage. My wife is AWESOME!! Of course to put up with me takes a special person. This August 24th is 10 years. TEN!! I've never stuck with anything for 10 years. Well, except for procrastination. That has been my life's work. But it's time to change that.
That's why it's back to school time. Culinary Arts. I'm gonna be a chef. Or, at least, that's the plan. I'd like to start out with a catering business. Ultimately, I want my own restaurant. A place where you kinda step back in time to medieval Europe and "feast upon" modernized versions of dishes of the time, whether from England, France, Germany or elsewhere.
I have several interests, and the diverse topics that will show up in this blog will be testament to them. Sometimes I'll share what I've learned. Sometimes what I like. Sometimes how I feel about topics in the news. Sometimes I'll just sit here and rant about things that get on my nerves. And sometimes I'll do what everybody else does from time to time: Get on my soapbox about anything and everything.
Welcome to all that pass by here and feel like sharing your thoughts on those things. I've got space for anyone wanting a room in MY PERSONAL ASYLUM.


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